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How Low Trial Participation Drives EDC Developments

At any given time, there are thousands of clinical trials happening around the world. To get a sense of just how many, take a look at the U.S. National Library of Medicine's trial tracking site. Based on the sheer volume of studies occurring at once, it's safe to say many of those trials won't find enough participating doctors and patients. Many studies fail to enroll enough patients,...

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Why It’s Important That Your EDC is on the Cloud

An EDC platform that utilizes the cloud to create more efficient, cost-effective clinical trials is a must in today's clinical research industry. And it was a key theme at the 2018 Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) annual conference.

"If you're not on the cloud, you have to get there," says Kelly Ritch, VP of strategic partnerships at MedNet Solutions. "We know we're going to have a...

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Forum Attendees Discuss Empowering Clinical Trial Patients

A lot has changed for small startups in the healthcare industry over the past decade, including the rebound from the Great Recession and the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. That's part of what a group of healthcare professionals discussed Oct. 17, at a Medical Alley small business leadership forum.

The event, titled "Small Business Leadership Forum: The Game Has Changed – Startup...

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Has Risk-Based Monitoring Jumped the Shark?

Jump the Shark - In a 1977 episode of Happy Days, the Milwaukee-based teens visited Hollywood. For the Fonz to “keep his cool,” he waterski jumped over a pen of sharks - an outrageous plotline that has been mocked ever since. Even though the show continued for another five years, its viewership started falling. We now use this idiom to describe technology that is “past its peak” suggesting an...

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Why Pascal Chose iMedNet to Improve Company Processes

“If you have an [electronic data capture] system that’s not well-understood by the person working with it or the person at the site, you will not end up with good quality data,” says Pascal Groenen, COO at Factory CRO for Medical Devices & IVDs.

Pascal and his team at Factory CRO spent years working with an internal eclinical system before deciding they needed additional software to enhance...

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MedNet Release Optimizes Scalability and Improves User Experience

Increasing complexity of study design, greater attention to data security and advancements in technology are rapidly evolving how data is captured and managed in clinical trials. These factors create both challenges and opportunities for clinical research organizations and sponsors, likely evolving their needs substantially in the coming years.

iMedNet’s latest release is one step in part of...

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MedNet Supports Healthcare Innovation Through Three-Part Forum

"It's important to us that we are an active partner in the healthcare technology and innovation community, learning about the challenges these companies face and working with them to provide solutions," says Barbara Correll, vice president of marketing at MedNet Solutions.

To further immerse itself in that community, MedNet increased its involvement with the Medical Alley Association, a...

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SCDM Session Preview: Improving the Connectedness of Clinical Data

The Society for Clinical Data Management's annual conference (SCDM 2018) is just a few short days away, and our team is looking forward to seeing many of you in Seattle. This year, we’re particularly excited for the conference, as our vice president of strategic partnerships, Kelly Ritch, is presenting in three panel discussions.

In Session 22, Single Source of Truth, Integrations or Internet...

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SCDM Preview: Sneak Peek of our Panel Discussions

For data managers in the clinical trial industry, nothing compares to the Society for Clinical Data Management's annual conference (SCDM 2018) — hosted Sept. 23-26 in Seattle, Washington. As "the world's largest international educational event for clinical data managers and other related professionals," it boasts more than 70 functions, 700 participants, 70 speakers, and 300 organizations over...

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4 Benefits of a Monitor Visit Report Module in Your EDC Platform

So you've jumped through all the hoops to get a study started, and, as far as you know, everything is going smoothly. A few weeks pass, and it's time for a monitoring visit to check for accuracy and compliance.

Historically, monitors compiled their notes into trip reports and emailed or faxed them wherever they needed to go. Sounds simple enough. But keeping track of multiple reports across...

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