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2016 – A Banner Year for MedNet Solutions

It’s hard to believe that we’re already wrapping up the first month of 2017. It seems like Christmas and New Years were only yesterday. I hope that everyone had a prosperous 2016 and wish you all the best for this coming year.

2016 was another outstanding year for MedNet, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2017! Here is a look back at four of our major highlights and accomplishments from this past year:

Record Setting iMedNet Sales and Marketplace Interest

For the third year in a row, iMedNet – our highly innovative and market-leading cloud-based eClinical technology platform – achieved record sales growth. Compared to the previous year, 2016 sales were over 40% higher.

I’m incredibly proud of the fact that the number of satisfied MedNet sponsor and CRO customers is quickly growing. Not only are our existing clients standardizing on our eClinical platform (coming back to us for study after study), but word of mouth is helping to generate rapidly growing interest from additional clinical research companies around the world. In fact, prospective customer inquiries received by our sales and marketing teams increased by over 40% in 2016.

Major Industry Recognition and Awards

MedNet and iMedNet received three significant public accolades in 2016 from the life sciences community. These acknowledgements are proof-positive of the substantial contributions that our company and our products/services are making to clinical trials worldwide. MedNet’s 2016 awards included:

  • MedNet Solutions Named “Most Outstanding in eClinical Solutions” for 2016
    • Medical LiveWire’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Awards
  • iMedNet Named “Top 10 eClinical Solution”
    • Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine
  • iMedNet Named “Best eClinical Solution 2016”
    • Global Health and Pharma Magazine

New and Improved iMedNet Functionality

MedNet continues to invest heavily in its eClinical products and services to meet evolving clinical research needs and to help ensure our customers’ success. We combine direct customer feedback, analysis of global clinical research trends and an agile development methodology to successfully roll out multiple iMedNet software releases each year. Recent upgrades to our eClinical platform have addressed capabilities including Risk Based Monitoring (RBM), ePRO, Inventory, Visit Scheduling, Downloadable Datasets, Ad Hoc Reporting and Study Workflow Manager. iMedNet delivers a unified and comprehensive eClinical solution that truly stands out from other eClinical systems in the marketplace.

$16.5 Million in Equity Investments

This past fall MedNet secured second round financing that is directly supporting the continued growth and success of both MedNet Solutions and our company’s eClinical products and services. A portion of this funding has already been leveraged to accelerate our R&D efforts and further expand our global sales and marketing activities…reinforcing MedNet’s position as a leading eClinical solutions company.

Never has there been a better time to seriously consider MedNet as your eClinical technology partner. Contact us today to learn how we can directly support the success of your future clinical research.

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