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4 Benefits of a Monitor Visit Report Module in Your EDC Platform

So you've jumped through all the hoops to get a study started, and, as far as you know, everything is going smoothly. A few weeks pass, and it's time for a monitoring visit to check for accuracy and compliance.

Historically, monitors compiled their notes into trip reports and emailed or faxed them wherever they needed to go. Sounds simple enough. But keeping track of multiple reports across multiple studies — some electronic, others in paper form — can be a nightmare.

With technological advances, it is now possible to create and send trip reports within the EDC platform. After the experiences you've had with email and paper reports, why wouldn't you opt for an incorporated module? Here are four major benefits to using a monitor visit report module in your EDC.

1. Enter and Share Reports in One Central Location

An EDC monitor report module allows you to enter and share reports in a reliable format. You can count on reports showing the same information in the same place, even across different studies, without worrying about how they were created. And since the reports are all in the same place and format, you can do things like search for specific text or share reports with other interested stakeholders.

2. Compare Data Side-by-Side

When trip reports are side-by-side with study data, it's much easier to draw comparisons. You can easily see, for example, how far into a study each report was created. The report can show compliance by looking directly at the study's parameters, which is located in the same place within the platform. When the study is over, you can easily export all of the trip reports along with the rest of the study data.

3. Get Rid of the Paper Trail

With a monitor visit report module within the EDC platform, the days of losing track of paper copies are in the past, and no more worrying about email archiving or deletion. Most EDCs have an online cloud backup, so trip reports (and the rest of your study data) are safe.

A monitor visit module within your EDC platform would also allow you to set up approvals on trip reports. This would allow one or more reviewers to check the details of each trip report and sign off on it, ensuring that the report was completed correctly and accurately, all within the same tool that manages the rest of the study.

4. Consolidate All Your Data for Greater Convenience

Let's face it, the biggest benefit of including monitor visits in your EDC platform is that it just makes things easier. Why use two (or more) platforms for your study when you could keep track of everything in the same place? Clinical studies have enough nuances and complications as it is. Make your life easier by consolidating tools whenever you can.

And if a monitor happens to leave their role mid-study, their replacement will know exactly what occurred last and what the next steps are.

If you haven't tried an electronic solution to monitor visit reporting, consider whether it would be easier to conduct your studies all in one EDC platform.

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