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SCDM Preview: Sneak Peek of our Panel Discussions

For data managers in the clinical trial industry, nothing compares to the Society for Clinical Data Management's annual conference (SCDM 2018) — hosted Sept. 23-26 in Seattle, Washington. As "the world's largest international educational event for clinical data managers and other related professionals," it boasts more than 70 functions, 700 participants, 70 speakers, and 300 organizations over...

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4 Benefits of a Monitor Visit Report Module in Your EDC Platform

So you've jumped through all the hoops to get a study started, and, as far as you know, everything is going smoothly. A few weeks pass, and it's time for a monitoring visit to check for accuracy and compliance.

Historically, monitors compiled their notes into trip reports and emailed or faxed them wherever they needed to go. Sounds simple enough. But keeping track of multiple reports across...

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Meet Gina Budman: A Long-Time iMedNet User [VIDEO]

"People know MedNet and request MedNet,” says Gina Budman, CEO and Founder of Leading Edge CDM Solutions, Inc., a company of clinical consultants handling everything from Data Management to SAS Programming. Gina is loyal to MedNet Solutions for three reasons: the all-in-one platform is stable and well-developed, it’s easy to use, and customer support responses are almost immediate.

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Meet Anuradha: Why She Chose iMedNet [VIDEO]

“I’m a trained builder in other systems, and by far, I think iMedNet is the easiest one from a designer perspective.” - Anuradha Josyula

Anuradha Josyula, of TissueTech, Inc. & Subsidiaries, a biologics company that studies regenerative medicine, needed an all-in-one solution with exceptional customer support. After searching for the right electronic data capture (EDC) platform, her company...

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How iMedNet’s Customization Helped AMPEL BioSolutions

No two clinical studies are the same. Each one has its own set of characteristics, needs, and complexities. To accommodate the unique complexities of a clinical study, you need an electronic data capture (EDC) vendor up for a challenge. One that is open-minded and willing to look outside the box for the best solution.

When AMPEL BioSolutions requested our services, we experienced just that — a...

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Remember to Prioritize Customer Service When Choosing an EDC Vendor

When searching for an EDC vendor, you're most likely interested in the cost, timeline, and capabilities of the study build and platform. But what about customer service? Even the best tools in the world won't do you any good without the proper support. You need a vendor that replies to your requests and concerns in a timely fashion, and whose staff is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and helpful.


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Meet Sebastian: How iMedNet Solves Problems With Ease [VIDEO]

Sebastian Echeverri of Clinlogix, a client-focused, full-service CRO that manages drug and medical product projects, was first attracted to iMedNet for its simplicity and functionality. As a CRO with a lot of client interaction and requirements, it was important that the eClinical platform was easy to use. Take it from Sebastian:

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ICYMI: A Recap of DIA Conference 2018

Where can you find the best minds in clinical research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries from around the world sharing new innovations and groundbreaking concepts? At the Drug Information Association's 2018 Global Annual Meeting, of course.

Over the years, this event has proven instrumental in bringing new ideas to life, and this year's conference, which took place June 24–28 in...

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Meet Lisa: Why She Uses iMedNet [VIDEO]

Lisa Spielman, of EMB Statistical Solutions, has a lot of reasons to choose iMedNet for her clinical studies. With fast and thorough technical service and system flexibility, iMedNet helps Lisa build exactly what she needs to deliver results.

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EDC Clinical Trials: What Needs to be Considered When Implementing a Protocol Amendment to Your EDC?

For a majority of clinical trials (an estimated 65%, according to Jody Mehl, project manager at MedNet), mid-study protocol amendments are inevitable. In fact, the longer your study runs and the more complex your study is, the more likely you are to have a mid-study protocol amendment. But don't worry, the more prepared you are for these amendments, the more efficient you'll be at implementing...

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