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How Investigator Meetings Lead to Successful Clinical Trials

Teamwork is an important skill you learn as a young child and practice as you age — whether it was working with your classmates on a school project, coming together with your teammates to win a big state game in college, or  sharing responsibilities with your spouse when raising kids. Life is all about teamwork. And your clinical study should be no different. 

Although it's not required,...

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Why It's Crucial to Keep Patient Identification Simple

When you introduce yourself to someone, you likely don’t state your first, middle and last name. Instead, you provide your first name, and only sometimes add your last name, as well. That’s because it’s easier, and the other information isn’t necessarily needed. The same is true when assigning patient ID numbers for your clinical study.

In an electronic data capture (EDC) system, it’s...

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MedNet Tightens Bond with Customers at the 2018 iMedNet User Group

Much like any successful relationship, professional relationships require dedication, understanding, give and take. To foster this type of relationship, each year, we host a one-of-a-kind user group for our valued customers. At MedNet, we get just as much from the event as the attendees, and that's exactly what we hoped for.

"It is a very collaborative relationship between the customers and...

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Ensuring Your eClinical Solution is Ready for Your First Patient Enrollment

Have you ever published an EDC study to live, and had an enrollment ready to go - only to realize that you forgot an important step? If so, you aren’t alone, two of the most commonly missed items are EDC training and user access documentation.

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EDC Tips: The 3 People You Must Include in Your Clinical Study Build

Imagine building a house from scratch without consulting with an architect, engineer, plumber, electrician, or your local government. Chances are, once you build the entire house, you'll find that certain parts of it aren't up to code, don't work efficiently, and cause more headaches than necessary. Ultimately, it would have helped to include those individuals during the design process. The...

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Best Practices for Setting EDC Email Alerts in Your Study

All day, every day, your inbox receives an influx of emails from a variety of sources whether it's work, family, friends, shopping deals, or spam. But notification after notification can become frustrating, leading you to ignore any and all "new email" alerts. What's the big deal, right?

It may not be a big deal if you miss an email from your uncle or miss a special sale at your favorite...

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How Europe's General Data Protection Regulation Impacts Clinical Studies

Patient privacy regulations have become a moving target for clinical research organizations (CROs), sponsors, and electronic data capture (EDC) companies. This is especially true in Europe, where a major shift is about to take place when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect.

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Why Your EDC Solution Should Allow Partial Date Considerations

If you’re married or have children, can you remember the exact day you were married, or the exact day of your children’s birth? Of course, you can! These are both life-changing events that are celebrated every year. Now, let’s ask the same question about events that are memorable but not life changing. Do you remember the exact day, month and year the you earned your driver’s license? Probably...

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Can I Combine Real-World Data with My Registry Study?

The long-term effects of a medical device have historically been captured in registry studies. However, the development of Electronic Medical Record Systems and Administrative Healthcare databases and software to manage the big data derived from them have prompted the use of real-world data.

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Top Things to Consider When Searching for an EDC Vendor

Working with the wrong electronic data capture (EDC) vendor can cause financial and time-related complications in your clinical study. For example, some vendors promise a 6-8 week turnaround, but when they return their deliverables, they didn't complete the study and it ends up requiring more work, more time, and more money to fix.

You'll want an EDC vendor that completes your study build in...

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