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How and Why to Standardize Medical Coding in Clinical Trials

There are few things more inefficient than a coding specialist manually coding hundreds or thousands of verbatim data entries that have multiple names and spellings for what could have been one standardized term. After searching through all those terms, your specialist then has to code each entry to match the desired term.

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How an Electronic CRF Library Streamlines Your Clinical Study Process

Standardization of data collection is happening everywhere you look. For example, when you visit the DMV and apply for a driver’s license, you know the employee didn’t create that form from scratch. She pulled the driver’s license form out of the library of DMV forms. In the same way, you want to simplify your clinical study by managing an electronic library of case report forms (CRFs), ones...

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Planning for Efficient Clean Data Review and Monitoring

When conducting clinical research, the goal is always to achieve the cleanest data possible. If your data is based on undesirable collection methods, messy data entry, or untrustworthy statistical analysis, you are likely to leave many questions unanswered. And vague results won't cut it with the FDA’s rigorous data standards.

So, what are the best practices for efficient clean data monitoring...

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Clinical Study Management: How You Can Avoid Delayed Enrollment in Your Study

When conducting clinical research, time is money, which is why it's important to have the electronic data capture (EDC) system live and ready for data entry in time for the first enrollment. Delays in the EDC build could result in either delayed enrollment or having to spend resources to begin enrollment using paper case report forms (CRFs).  

So, here are some tips to keep your study build on...

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Meet Suzanne: Solving Challenges With iMedNet [VIDEO]

Suzanne Maninger is a MPH Principal Statistical Programmer for EMB Statistical Solutions. Her company provides Data Management, SAS Programming, and Stat Analysis for a myriad of therapeutic areas, from cardiology and vascular diseases to rheumatology and beyond.

As Suzanne puts it, “Our company is a senior-level niche CRO. So we specialize in what we do well, which is data management...

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How ePRO is Changing the Way of Post-Market Studies

Nowadays, there isn’t much you can’t do or learn online. From ordering groceries and paying friends or family for bills to taking college classes and learning a new language, it’s all just one click away. The same can be said for your clinical studies. Now, electronic data capture (EDC) platforms offer electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs).

To complete ePRO forms — surveys, outcome...

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The Well-Known Facts About Blinding in Clinical Trials

We know that the design of our clinical trial is the single most important component for conducting successful research. Even with a strong electronic data capture (EDC) platform, poor study design can lead to questionable results. So, it is imperative we take this into careful consideration when developing our methodology.

When optimizing our trials, we often incorporate a blinding protocol...

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Why an Agile Development Method is Best for Your Clinical Research Study

The development of an electronic data capture (EDC) platform should be collaborative. Without give and take, both the vendor and client risk wasting valuable time and effort. To avoid this pitfall, both parties should take careful consideration to ensure lines of communication remain open.

Even with painstaking attention, progress can still be halted by a cumbersome platform. For this reason,...

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Clear Success Through a Partnership with ClearDATA [VIDEO]

Through our partnership with ClearDATA, MedNet’s cloud-based infrastructure helps maintain security for our clients by including full data encryption, antivirus software, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and complete data backups.

“This cloud environment allows us to provide a more highly available/redundant solution and deliver a higher level of security and compliance,” says Jeff...

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How NuVasive Utilizes iMedNet for Their Spinal Registry [VIDEO]

“We use MedNet to run our spine track registry – which is one of the longest-running and largest registries in the spine industry,” says Sarika Tandon, a Clinical Data Analyst at NuVasive, a spine-solutions oriented company that creates products and solutions for spine surgeries. “We collect patient-reported outcomes, as well as clinician-recorded outcomes for any and all spinal surgeries.”


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