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Should I Use an EDC System for my Device Study? 

Electronic data capture (EDC) is often used to streamline drug trials, but did you know that your EDC can be applied to medical device clinical trials just as easily?

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How eClinical Technology Can Save You Substantial Time and Money On Your Next Study

Conducting clinical research is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Inefficiency during study development can lead to wasted effort and capital, or errors that may ultimately prove detrimental to your investigation.

The success of your clinical trial is closely linked to choosing a vendor who is able to deliver eClinical technology that can accommodate each and every unique challenge you...

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iMedNet Harnesses the Power of the Cloud for Clinical Research Studies

Your electronic data capture (EDC) platform should be your one-stop-shop for all study management needs. Be sure to tap into your EDC’s full potential by utilizing both clinical and non-clinical management capabilities. This means choosing a vendor that can seamlessly automate processes like data collection, as well as payments or inventory and randomization.

And it is important that these...

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Meet Quan: An iMedNet User [VIDEO]

“We are a niche bio-statistics and data management services company, so we support small to mid-size biotechs as well as well as larger pharma in the CRO space,” says Quan Doan, an Associate Director at Statistics and Data Corporation (SDC).

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MedNet's Profound Connection to Light of Hope

When I traveled to Africa with my church in 2007, I never imagined it would lead to a lasting friendship and professional partnership that is impacting both the lives of girls in Kenya and employees here at MedNet.

While in Africa, I, along with other members of my church, were searching for an inspiring movement to partner with and support. And we found just that with Light of Hope, an...

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iMedNet Tips Series: Automated Payment Manager

Utilizing an electronic data capture (EDC) platform for your clinical trial provides more efficient data entry, better accuracy, improved security and real-time access to data. But the benefits of using an EDC become even greater when it includes an automated payment manager.

Clinical research studies are extremely expensive. Large sums of money must be dispersed between multiple sites at...

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Why Electronic Randomization and Inventory Don't Have to Be Scary

You're ready to design a clinical trial but you're not sure if you should use an electronic data capture (EDC) platform for randomization and inventory because you're afraid something will go wrong and cost you the study. Set your worries aside because an EDC solution will actually be faster, truly unbiased, and easy to employ — if you choose the right vendor.

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Tips to Avoid the Overuse of Edit Checks in Clinical Research Studies

Building a clinical study can be a complicated process, and it’s often made unnecessarily more difficult by the study designer. People tend to over-complicate the study design by collecting unnecessary data and using excessive edit checks because they either fear that their study will not meet strict FDA regulatory standards, or they want to save money by automating the data cleaning process....

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Meet Oliver: Why I Chose MedNet [VIDEO]

“We were reviewing EDC systems back in 2013 or 2014 and assessing them according to our needs – what our expectations are, what we need from a system, what we do not need from a system,” says Oliver Hautz, Senior Data Manager with Clinlogix Europe GmbH. “MedNet was the winner of that assessment.”

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iMedNet Tips Series: Timing of Data Entry

Using an electronic data capture (EDC) platform can maximize the potential to conduct an efficient clinical trial. Implementing this system, however, does not guarantee success. Imagine your favorite team being the clear-cut favorite in every statistical category, yet somehow managing to be soundly defeated.

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