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Clinical Research Studies: What to Look for in an EDC Platform

The process of starting a clinical trial involves the careful management of various stakeholders, all of whom present unique challenges. Therefore, automating as many facets of the study is vital to ensure organization. Fortunately, advancements in technology have allowed for these capabilities.

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iMedNet Tips Series: Grid Configurations

Running a clinical study can be akin to building a house of cards on a windy day. You have your protocol, you understand the objective of the study, and based on the schedule of events outlined in the protocol, building this study should be a breeze, right? Not true, according to Sarah Ohme, Technical Project Operations Manager at MedNet Solutions. “There are so many things not represented in...

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Bridging the Gap Between FDA Approval, CMS and Private Payer Coverage

I recently had the pleasure of attending the 11th Annual MedTech Conference, Sept. 25-27 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California. More than 2,700 people from the medical technology industry were in attendance.

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Exploring the Future of Clinical Data Collection: iCAB Recap

As the tools and techniques for clinical data collection continue to evolve, MedNet is partnering with key customers to guide our vision for the future of electronic data capture (EDC) platforms.

“The fact that they want to bring people here and really sit down and spend some time hearing about our pressure points, the things we really like, and the 'nice-to-haves' says a lot about them...

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MedNet Solution's New eClinical Cloud Infrastructure

We recently sat down with Jeff Cowan, Vice President of Technology at MedNet Solutions, to learn more about iMedNet’s new, industry-leading cloud hosting environment.  The following is a summary of our question and answer session with Jeff:

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Product Management Insights: Balancing eClinical Configurability and Simplicity

iMedNet™, MedNet’s flagship eClinical technology platform, was created to address many of the shortcomings inherent in other EDC/eClinical solutions available to the clinical research community.  Two of the largest issues with many such technologies are: 1) the inherent inflexibility of the systems to fully address study-specific requirements, and 2) the “unfriendliness” of the tools used to...

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The Agile Methodology – A True Magnifying Glass

In late 2015, MedNet Solutions announced one of the biggest R&D initiatives in the history of the company – the move from a Waterfall software development approach to an Agile methodology. This decision was made in an effort to continue to develop the highest quality software possible while more optimally delivering key functionality to customers through increased efficiencies. The Agile...

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Risk Based Monitoring: Embracing Change

With the growing emphasis on effectively managing patient safety and risk in clinical trials – while also efficiently managing costs – it is becoming more essential for sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs) to identify partners that offer flexible, affordable risk based monitoring (RBM) solutions.

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Product Management Insights: Reporting Tools and Effective Clinical Trial Management

MedNet Solutions is proud to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly EDC/eClinical experience to clinical study professionals through the utilization of its single solution platform, iMedNet eClinical. We have been a trusted partner for effective clinical trial management for a variety of customers worldwide – and for over 1,000 studies – ranging from medical device, biotech, pharma and CRO...

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The Importance of Risk-Based Monitoring

MedNet Solutions is pleased to present the following interview with our latest technology partner, Algorics – an innovative technology organization that focuses on data aggregation, visualization and analytics to help drive real-time, actionable clinical trial information.

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