Gina Budman, CEO and Founder of Leading Edge CDM Solutions

Gina is a long-time iMedNet user, and she's loyal to MedNet Solutions for three reasons: the all-in-one platform is stable and well-developed, it’s easy to use, and customer support responses are almost immediate.

Anuradha Josyula of TissueTech, Inc. & Subsidiaries

Anuradha knows study builds. Not only has she used several other systems, but she’s a trained study builder. “I think iMedNet is the easiest one from a designer perspective,” she states She particularly appreciates iMedNet because it makes it easy for various systems to read each other, and it’s easily controllable because it’s an all-in-one program.

Quan Doan, an Associate Director at Statistics and Data Corporation (SDC)

As a CRO, it’s common to get questions about preferred EDC vendors when sponsors are beginning a clinical research study. “We have found that iMedNet seems to be the most flexible solution that we have encountered,” says Quan. “The price point of the system delivers enough bells and whistles to compete with the big boys.”

Sarika Tandon, a Clinical Data Analyst at NuVasive

Traditionally, a medical registry would create their own platform, but due to its flexibility, NuVasive has elected to use the iMedNet Electronic Data Capture Platform. “By using an EDC, it gives us a structure that is similar to research,” says Sarika.

Suzanne Maninger, MPH Principal Statistical Programmer for EMB Statistical Solutions

“Our company is a senior-level niche CRO. So we specialize in what we do well, which is data management programming and statistical analysis.” With the right technology, she’s able to focus on translating the data for her clients, while leaving the rest to iMedNet.

Sebastian Echeverri of Clinlogix, a Full-Service CRO

Sebastian was first attracted to iMedNet for its simplicity and functionality. As a CRO with a lot of client interaction and requirements, it was important that the eClinical platform was easy to use. “The system is really easy to use, not just for us, but also for the end users."

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