Meet Suzanne: Solving Challenges With iMedNet [VIDEO]

Mar 13, 2018

Suzanne Maninger is a MPH Principal Statistical Programmer for EMB Statistical Solutions. Her company provides Data Management, SAS Programming, and Stat Analysis for a myriad of therapeutic areas, from cardiology and vascular diseases to rheumatology and beyond.

As Suzanne puts it, “Our company is a senior-level niche CRO. So we specialize in what we do well, which is data management programming and statistical analysis.” With the right technology, she’s able to focus on translating the data for her clients, while leaving the rest to iMedNet.

Complexity in Differentiating Clients

Flexibility in itself is a service from EMB Statistical Solutions. Suzanne explains, “Since we work for multiple sponsors, we have some sponsors that need data a certain way. Some leave it all to us to set it up.”

Because they have to be able to offer the statistical answers to questions from clients who range in strict data necessities to less restricted answers, they have to have a solution that can handle anything. “We have to be flexible and iMedNet sets up that flexibility when we set up studies for different sponsors,” claims Suzanne.

Creativity and Flexibility of MedNet

After choosing iMedNet, EMB Statistical Solutions were able to prioritize and organize their data in order to come up with real results. “It’s allowed me to spend a lot less time in low input things that have to be done that take a lot of time away from investing and digging into the data,” confirmed Suzanne.

The flexibility of iMedNet’s software allows them to make their studies unique from the competition. By configuring studies using iMedNet, EMB Statistical Solutions is now capable of crafting their product to exactly what their clients are looking for.  

MedNet and EMB: Working as a Team

Suzanne particularly appreciated the customer service that comes with MedNet: “They act like a small company, even as they’ve gotten bigger. You don’t feel like you’re a little person in this big pond of users in the system.”

Just like any service MedNet provides, iMedNet is accompanied by personal, catered customer service designed to grow the partner company. With this assistance, Suzanne and EMB Statistical Solutions can feel confident that they're getting the most out of their partnership with MedNet, and it allows them to do what they do best for their clients.

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